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Onyx is a banded variety of the Oxide mineral Chalcedony. Agate and Onyx are both varieties of layered chalcedony that differ only in the form of the bands: agate has curved bands and onyx has parallel bands. The colours of its bands range from white to almost every colour. (Wikipedia 2017)

Aqeeq (quartz) and Onyx are semi precious stones and have been traditionally worn by Arab and Muslim men from around the world for over a thousand years.  It is considered Sunnah (good deed) to wear a Silver Chalcedoney ring as the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) wore an Aqeeq ring set with silver on his right hand. 

Each ring is hand crafted and designed with unique engraving into the silver (925) with an Aqeeq (quartz) or Onyx stone set in the centre.

Designed and made in Turkey

Size 10.5 (approx US)

Weight 7 Grams (approx)