The Fair Trade 'Khayamaya' Collection


 Khayamiya (Arabic خيّامية Khayyāmiyah) is a type of decorative appliqué textile historically used to decorate tents across the Arab world. They are now primarily made in CairoEgypt and are popular during Holiday seasons & occasions.

This homeware collection has been designed to bring some colourful vibes to your homes in time for the Summer and Festive season

These products have been selected from a charity organisation in Cairo that works with women in disadvantaged communities. The charity works to promote financial independence for women by developing existing skills in sewing and crafts and providing them with a safe and fair working environment. 

All of the products in this creative collection are unique and limited.  Product's patterns, colours and sizes may differ slightly from the images on the website.  All products are  Hand made and may therefore have slight imperfections.